Full Name
Mr. Shakeel Kadri
Job Title
Executive Director and CEO, Center for Chemical Process Safety
American Institute of Chemical Engineers
As a world leader in process safety, Shakeel Kadri, Executive Director and CEO of the Chemical Process Safety Center [CCPS®], brings nearly 40 years of broad industry experience, with a strong focus on improving process safety. Shakeel came to CCPS in January 2015 as their Executive Director. CCPS is an
Industrial Technology Alliance of the American Institute of Chemical Engineers [AIChE]. In nearly 5 years at CCPS, Shakeel has been expanding CCPS globally and driving the CCPS Mission to minimize significant process safety incidents globally. Before this role, Shakeel spent 36 years at Air Products and Chemicals, Inc. In his most recent role there as Director of Global Process Safety and Risk Management, which he held for twelve years, Shakeel was instrumental in building their global process safety team, raised company’s process safety risk awareness and focus globally, revitalized process safety performance measurement culture and developed a strong industry engagement. Prior to this role, Shakeel also held leadership positions in Process Engineering, Technology, Operations, Quality and HSE. Shakeel is a Fellow of AIChE and a Fellow of CCPS. He is very engaged with the industry and its stakeholder. Shakeel has actively served on process safety committees of the American Chemistry Council, the American Petroleum Institute, the Mary Kay O'Connor Process Safety Center, the International Council of Chemicals Associations, the Compressed Gas Association, the European Industrial Gases and Association, and the American Fuel and Petrochemical Manufacturers Association. Shakeel has a BS and MS in Chemical Engineering and an MBA in Finance.
Shakeel Kadri