Full Name
Dr. Martha Acosta
Job Title
Consultant & Speaker
Martica LLC
DR. MARTHA ACOSTA is an expert in Human and Organizational Learning who helps high-reliability organizations navigate the complexity of human systems in their operations. Martha is member of the HOP HUB Consortium with Todd Conklin, Bob Edwards and other thought leaders in the Human and Organizational Performance movement. Martha also represents Harvard Business Publishing (a subsidiary of Harvard Business School) as Senior Moderator who designs and facilitates leadership development programs based on Harvard scholarship. Before joining Harvard, Martha led the Human Performance Improvement Team for the nuclear facilities at Los Alamos National Laboratory, where she helped develop a cross-laboratory safety initiative for the Department of Energy. For over two decades as a consultant and educator, Martha has helped countless leaders in high-reliability industries such as energy, chemical, pharmaceutical, financial and high-tech to manage volatility, uncertainty and ambiguity for improved organizational strategy implementation, innovation, learning and problem-solving. Martha earned a MBA in Organizational Behavior from Southern Methodist University in Dallas, Texas and a Doctorate in Human and Organizational Learning from The George Washington University in Washington, D.C. Martha lives in Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA.
Martha Acosta